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Connect, attract, and nurture …the cornerstone

for creating a thriving business of ideal clients!


Not attracting all of the ideal clients you can handle?

With the way the job market is today and employers having the upper hand, job seekers are in dire need of professional resume writing services. There are countless people facing career changes, and they are desperate for qualified help.

Job seekers should be coming to you just as candidates are submitting job applications to employers! It’s all a matter of making connections with job seekers, serving as a key resource, and establishing solid ongoing professional relationships.

You’ve invested a great deal of time and hard work to become certified resume writer and your commitment to your profession is what distinguishes you as a CAREER EXPERT.

People need to know that you’re that resume writing expert they need to help them make their job search a great success! If you’ve been in business for some time  or just opened your doors, we’re here to support you.

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If you are certified in resume writing, you qualify to become a member writer of THE CAREER EXPERTS—network of CertifiedResumeWriters.com an exclusive resource for credentialed career professionals!   Join Us

THE CAREER EXPERTS recognizes the significance of job seekers connecting with resume writing experts and the benefits and value certified resume writers provide their clients. For this reason, we exclusively promote and strategically market resume writing services of credentialed writers.

We support you 100%. Acquire more qualified client leads while increasing your online visibility and building your credibility with ideal clients!

Expand your business and develop new networking relationships with colleagues, small business building experts, and diverse careers industry organizations. Take advantage of the the resources, marketing tools, business building techniques, and vast online exposure opportunities we provide to build your business and your brand.

Turn “potential” client leads into “retained” clients–it’s time to build your business! (Testimonials).

Member Benefits for Certified Resume Writers
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NEW Program in the works for newbies …

What would it be like if you could attract qualified client leads time and time again, being “top of mind,” and easily found in the masses of resume services available online today?

THE CAREER EXPERTS network is also here for those of you who have been in the resume writing business for a short time.

We’re in the process of developing a training and mentoring program just for you! If our program below speaks to you, email us and we’ll be sure to notify you when we’re ready to launch.

Characterizing yourself and your service offerings as a top contender is no easy feat. Being in business for yourself requires a great deal of work, discipline, and commitment. The best thing is that you don’t have to do it alone!

      • Do you find yourself starting many projects but not finishing them?
      • Do you feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants when it comes to marking your business?
      • Are you struggling with finding clients on a consistent basis?
      • Is it difficult for you to put yourself out there because you’re not sure what to say or do and know it’s holding your business back?
      • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all that’s out there for marking your business and you just don’t know where to start?

Small businesses are starting up by the thousands each year, making today’s business market more competitive than ever.

What are you doing to communicate your expertise and “showing up” where they hang out? How are you making it possible for them them to have a place to hang out with you? How are you gaining their trust as a career expert? How do they see you in action?

Lacking client leads, particularly qualified client leads restricts your opportunity to build a successful and thriving business. If you’re not connecting with job seekers to position you with continuous client leads, opportunities for making client sales are being limited which limits the growth of your business.

This program is for you IF …

    • you have a valid resume writing certification.
    • you have a full-time career service and have been in business 5 years or less.
    • you have a working website.
    • you want a step-by-step process designed to establish a solid foundation to support building your business.
    • you want to learn how to connect, communicate, and close sales with ideal clients.
    • you want to stop settling and get paid what you’re worth.
    • you want to be held accountable for what you set yourself out to do.
    • you’re READY to commit and take action!


This program is NOT for you IF …

    • you do NOT have a valid resume writing certification.
    • you run a part-time business.
    • you’ve been in business over 5 years.
    • you do NOT have a website.
    • you’re NOT willing to step out of your “comfort zone.”
    • you’re looking for “quick fixes.”
    • you’re seeking to develop your resume writing skills.

Is our program a fit for you? If so, be sure to email us so we can notify you when we’re ready to launch!

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